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Planning a business meeting can be a lot of work and while many may feel they are prepared to tackle the challenge on their own, others wish to avoid the cost of finding and hiring someone to organize the event. Staying in some of the best Pittsburgh business accommodations, however, gives those planning a meeting the opportunity to work with a qualified hotel planner.

These professionals specialize in managing the hotel’s events, taking care of all logistical details and responsibility for vendors, caterers or whatever else a meeting calls for. Hotel event planners have experience working within and managing detailed budgets, making sure everything comes into place for the event. They work with clients ranging from individuals to businesses and government entities. Here’s just some of the benefits working with a hotel event planner can offer, whether it’s connecting corporate parties with the perfect downtown Pittsburgh business hall of picking the right caterer.

Great Planning at an Affordable Price

In the business world the bottom line is what counts. Many are discouraged from working with an event planner because they simply feel that it is an unnecessary cost. On the contrary, working with a hotel event planner is likely the less expensive option and certainly the less time-consuming. Especially when preparing for an out of town or destination event, working with a hotel event planner is going to be the best way to have access to venues and suppliers.

The event planner will already have a set of established relationships they’ve created personally and through the associated hotel, allowing them to take advantage of discounts or seek special pricing that would otherwise be unavailable. When all is said and done, the event planner is the one who is trained to pull off events on strict budgets and they’re going to have a few tricks up their sleeves for cutting costs, saving the client from unnecessary expenses they may not even realize.

Access to Valuable Knowledge & Experience

Regardless of how great the DIY event planning skills of a company employee might be, they will inevitably struggle in finding the best vendors and pricing because it isn’t their full-time job to know. Aside from knowing how to cut costs, a professional hotel event planner has the experience of organizing and working events every single day. In that time, they have built up a number of contacts and know which suppliers to call, all while providing the best downtown Pittsburgh conference room all within the hotel. Not only do they have intimate knowledge of the people and places, they also know which parts of an event have the highest risk of mishaps and can do the extra groundwork to make sure that things do, in fact, go according to plan.

Reducing Stress Levels

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a hotel event planner as opposed to trying to DIYT the event is the total reduction of stress. Event planning is inherently a cause for stress, especially if things aren’t working out quickly or easily. Choosing a hotel amongst the popular Pittsburgh corporate meeting areas and letting their event planner handle the logistics will leave you free to enjoy the occasion instead. Whereas a DIY event will be a constant stress from the planning to the final minute, an event planner treats it as another part of their day.

An Instant Time-Saver

Obviously one of the benefits of letting the hotel event planner take care of everything leaves the client with a great deal of time that would have been dedicated to planning and organizing all details of the event, free to tackle another project. An event planner is also able to fully dedicate their time to making the event together, something the client trying to DIY an event might have trouble doing as they have to schedule it around their normal work, family and social life.

Effective Marketing Strategy for the Event

If you’re planning an event that’s going to be open to the public, it’s especially important to have someone on the ground who knows how to get that event to the public. Hotel event planners already have a base of media and marketing outlets to get news of the event out where people who are interested in the topic will know where to look. Event planners also take pride in making their events a success, so they’ll be sure to pull out all their tools and knowledge to make sure your event is just that.

Event planners make planning your downtown Pittsburgh business meeting or conference easier than ever before. Give your event the personalized attention it needs by working with the event staff of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh Downtown. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, our Pittsburgh business meeting areas offer your guests the finest accommodations all within footsteps of the city’s most popular attractions. Rest easy throughout your event planning process and book your meeting at the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown today.