Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in America for those who like to explore on their own two feet. A tight-knit downtown area with a number of different regions makes Pittsburgh a great place for pedestrian tourists to take a day and see the sights. Although larger than life at times, downtown Pittsburgh is compact enough to allow guests to walk about downtown’s numerous districts. Whether you’re looking for culture, shopping or just something new and fun to do, walking is one of the best ways to do it. Best of all, downtown Pittsburgh hotels allow tourists to capture all the sights and sounds without straying too far from a good night’s sleep. With that in mind, it’s time to explore!

Market Square: Eating, Events and People

Market Square is one of the most interesting places to spend a few hours no matter what time of year it is. It’s best known for its eateries, having a broad variety of different styles of food at the square’s many restaurants. As home to the historic Oyster House, the nearly famous Primanti Brother’s and a number of newer restaurants make the square the place to be in downtown Pittsburgh. A number of concerts and rallies take place throughout the year in Pittsburgh’s Market Square, as well as kickoffs to the Holiday season, the farmer’s market which brings farm-fresh fruits and vegetables from throughout the region through downtown, and much more. In the end, though, perhaps the most fun part of Market Square is just taking a moment for people watching as they go through the city center.

Riverfront Life: Walking Through History

Pittsburgh is surrounded by rivers, and downtown Pittsburgh alone has over 13 miles worth of riverside walking. The city takes great pride in its riverfront heritage, and often sponsors events that act as a reminder to how Pittsburgh’s rivers have historically complemented the city’s growth and development. Pittsburgh’s riverfront not only has miles of walking and biking trails with the stunning city skyline in the backdrop, kayaking and other events pop up along the riverfront each and every day. There is even a project underway to connect over 150 miles of walking trails from Pittsburgh to Allegheny, Maryland! If walking beside natural beauty while still having access to one of the most interesting cities in the world is your interest, look no further than the Riverfront.

The Strip District: A Purpose Renewed

The Strip District is one of downtown’s many revitalized areas that has seemed to really come to life in recent years thanks to the city’s. Once known as the city’s center of production, the Strip saw a decline as water transportation slowly lost its popularity. However, Pittsburgh’s revitalization of old factories, mills and more has transformed the Strip District into a bustling marketplace filled with eclectic shops, restaurants, galleries and lofts.

The Cultural District: The Heart of Culture in Pittsburgh

One of the most interesting places that can be found in downtown Pittsburgh is the Cultural District. This area is unique in that despite the changes to many of its historic buildings, the area retains a place of pride as the city’s center for culture and the arts. Many of the city’s largest theaters can be found here, such as the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts (formerly the historic Stanley Theater, a 3,000-seat deluxe movie palace). The Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts (originally the Loews Movie Palace, another historic Cultural District theater) and acts as the home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. More recently, ToonSeum, a museum dedicated to the history of comic art, opened its permanent home in the Cultural District.

The Cultural District is also home to a number of hotels and downtown Pittsburgh accommodations, which range from the typical American luxury suite to some accommodations located in some of Pittsburgh’s most historic settings. Tourists have the opportunity to even make a hotel part of a walking memory of their visit to downtown Pittsburgh, one of the most vibrant city centers in the world.

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