Creating a successful event can be a difficult challenge as a number of things can go wrong. The planning stages of any major event can take several months for event planners to work out all the kinks. Finding a hotel to host your event is essential to having the entire event go off as planned. At the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown, our own events team will help you through the process. Without firm planning support, there are a number of ways that the main act may seem a little lackluster.

Failure to Find an Event Manager

If you do not hire the right people for your event, it will not work. It is important to focus on finding an event manager who is capable of handling the different needs of the event. Take the time to hire people who have experience. Look into hotels with large downtown Pittsburgh conference rooms, including the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown. They are already staffed with seasoned professionals who handle event planning on a regular basis. They know the event planning process, and they already have a network of resources to call on if they need to look outside of the hotel for additional services, including banquet tables, caterers, dance floors, audio-visual equipment, sound systems, and more. If you lose contact with your event coordinator, the event can end up with a number of failures from budgeting issues, to inadequate rooms, and other concerns.

Underestimating Event & Venue Size

A major failure when planning an event is when a person fails to adequately plan for the number of people in attendance. Underestimating the size of the event can lead to disaster as people crowd into the space you’ve provided. It is important to keep track of all changes to the event and to obtain an RSVP from as many guests as possible to give you a good idea of how many people will be attending. Look into rooms for downtown Pittsburgh meetings to determine if the venue size is large enough for the event.

Not Having a Back-up

Things can go wrong at any time. The rain can strike, wind can blow, and microphones might stop working. If you do not have a back-up plan for every possible scenario that could wrong, you can be out of luck. Some typical issues that arise involve technical issues (a computer that doesn’t load a presentation), shortage of food and beverages, and lack of staff to help attendees.

It is important to plan an event months ahead of time to eliminate as many surprises as possible and to find a hotel that will work well for you. To start planning your event, contact the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown.