Planning a corporate meeting or event takes time, organization and preparation. Whether it’s a large scale gathering or just a simple meeting of the inner circle, the DoubleTree Downtown located in Pittsburgh, Pa offers customizable options and a variety of support to host all of your meeting needs.

Before any meeting or event, it is important for a plan to be set in place, complete with a checklist to know what is required for each step and to ensure correct and orderly completion. While the simple details of any event vary, an overall checklist can be applied to almost any type of meeting needs. Brainstorming the budget, event focus, arranging for guests & speakers, taking account for who will participate and establishing a timeline should all be taken into account in all meeting checklists.

For all event or meeting needs, it is important that a detailed budget is outlined before any further steps of action are taken. A budget will set the tone for the rest of the brainstorming and give you guidance on what to expect of your event. After a budget is in place, you can determine the focus of the event and arrange a setting to host any guest speakers and possible participants.

After initial steps are taken, an advertising campaign geared towards your targeted audience is the next hurdle in planning an event. A successful ad campaign will increase the overall attendance of your event and can be done through various social media to help save money.

Ensuring a detailed timeline is in place can help your event run in a smooth and orderly fashion. Timelines should not only include the day –of events but also the planning stages, maximizing your efforts and setting deadlines for every step.

While event planning is an acquired skill, simple brainstorming and the establishment of a checklist can steer you in the right direction. Getting in touch with a hotel representative can help ease the process and offer guidance in planning the perfect meeting. For more information on downtown Pittsburgh meetings at the Downtown Doubletree, please visit