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Pittsburgh isn’t often thought of as a fashion destination, but people looking for the latest trends in fashion might be smart to give Pittsburgh a second look. Besides having a thriving downtown where some of the country’s hottest designers have broken new ground, the city is home to Pittsburgh Fashion Week, where hundreds of the newest fashions make their way down the catwalk. In short, if you’re looking for the latest in fashion, it’s time to head to downtown Pittsburgh.  And if you’re already staying in downtown Pittsburgh accommodations, take advantage being near the city center to find the hottest new styles.

Great Places to Shop

Great places to shop can be found throughout Pittsburgh’s downtown, most notably in the Strip District, where a variety of private boutiques, high-end consignment shops and other places to grab great deals on the latest fashions can be found. While most stores are open year-round, the best time of year for fashion shoppers is mid-to-late summer, when designers release fall fashions available in both local boutiques and national chains in both men and women’s clothing. Most shopping is walking distance in downtown, so expect to find a wide variety of different places to shop during a daylong excursion. And along the way, there are a number of great places to stop, take a lunch, and get back to shopping!

Also worth noting is that Pittsburgh has a number of jewelry boutiques, as well as stores that specialize in accessories. Many of these local stores are sponsors during Pittsburgh Fashion Week, meaning that shoppers who come to see the latest in fashion will be able to get a real feel of what’s available in downtown fashion.

Finding Downtown Shopping Everywhere

Because there’s so much in each of the local districts of Pittsburgh’s downtown, expect to make repeat trips for places you haven’t seen before. Visiting Station Square, for example– often thought of as more of an amusement destination– brings you to the Marina, where there is shopping and fine dining available. Make sure to plan ahead a bit before your shopping trips, because you never know exactly what you’re going to find next when you go.

There’s a lot of shopping in downtown Pittsburgh, but make sure that you know where the best places to go are. There’s a lot of great shopping opportunities, and you don’t want to miss out when you go!

Pittsburgh Fashion Week

The Sixth Annual Pittsburgh Fashion Week looks to be the city’s biggest yet. With 27 different designers for the 2015 fashion week expected and over 350 runway models, this year’s Pittsburgh Fashion Week has already become one of the biggest events of the late summer, and gives people the opportunity to see where the present and future of fashion is going in the city.  While Pittsburgh is known as the Steel City, thanks to Pittsburgh Fashion Week and a small but vibrant and growing fashion scene, Pittsburgh is becoming known as a city that looks as good as it feels.

Where to Stay During Pittsburgh Fashion Week or Your Next Shopping Excursion

There are a number of Hotels in Pittsburgh where would-be fashionistas can get ready for their next shopping excursion. Downtown Pittsburgh is great for its walking accessibility no matter where you are downtown, which means you can get from one district to another on foot in minutes. This means with a little planning you can cover a lot of stores in a relatively short period of time.

The most well-known areas for hotels in downtown Pittsburgh is probably in the Cultural District. Stay in the center of all the action while enjoying some of the city’s finest hospitality and dining options while shopping for your next ensemble by booking your accommodations with the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh Downtown. Our luxury Cultural District suites will have you feeling like an A-List celebrity as you shop your way through the Steel City’s plethora of boutiques and unique shops. Start planning the shopping trip of a lifetime and book your stay at the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown.