Red incline car in middle of tracks on Mt. Washington

Partly due to the quirky architecture, down-to-earth locals, and endless opportunities for urban adventure, Pittsburgh is often noted as one of the world’s best places to visit. This city has an incredible comfort and vibe that allows visitors to feel completely free to unwind and leave obligations at home. The culture and opportunity is completely open to anyone, and staying in downtown Pittsburgh hotels will leave you at the center of all that there is to see and do. Here is a sample of the adventures this city has to offer.

Eat, Drink, and Be Immersed in Live Entertainment

First things first: food. If you are going to travel anywhere, the uniqueness and deliciousness of the cuisine should be carefully considered. All the better if you can relish live music at the same time. At the Hofbrauhaus, take in the music while drinking beer out of a gigantic mug, served by staff clothed in Bavarian dress of course.

Or, treat your partner to a date at Andy’s Wine Bar. Enjoy a night of cocktails, chocolate truffles, cheese plates, and Pittsburgh’s best jazz musicians. It’s encouraged to start your day off in similar fashion at the Market Square Farmers Market. Buy local produce, just-baked breads, organic cheeses, and fresh juice and start your day with a picnic lunch while enjoying the vibe of the free concerts.

Eat Lunch in the Park

Speaking of picnics, Pittsburgh park have lately transformed themselves into one of the most outstanding characteristics of the city. These parks have added to the already fantastic city vibe with a highly desirable quality of life, and they are readily accessible to visitors staying in a Pittsburgh Cultural District hotel.

Spend an afternoon lounging and soaking up the city lifestyle with a picnic and Point State Park, Frick Park, or Schenley Park. Indulge in a few hours of frisbee golf and outdoor concerts. Schenley Park even has a carousel, which makes it a perfect spot if you are traveling with children.

Bend Your Mind with a Quirky Museum.

Housing thousands of his creations, The Andy Warhol Museum is one of the funkiest, most unique places in town. On Friday’s, admission is half-off, closing time is late, and the place swarms with life arts and entertainment. Watch obscure films, see art in the making, and discover some new bands.

Bicycle Heaven is an essential destination for visitors staying at hotels in downtown Pittsburgh. While it initially seems silly to have a museum solely dedicated to bikes, Bicycle Heaven is the epitome of hidden gems. Look at thousands of strange and antique bikes, and even get a view of the two bikes that were literally eaten by a tree. This place is bizarre, mind-bending, and one of the most fascinating modern art and history displays in the world.

Ride a Bike Through Pittsburgh’s Trails

If Bicycle Heaven does its job ride, you will want nothing more than a bike ride of your own. Although Pittsburgh offers myriad biking and hiking trails, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail offers guests 47 miles of trails and greenway to explore. Start the day off renting a bike on the city’s brand new bike share program, soaking up the Pittsburgh scenery, and getting energized for your day.

Explore Cultures at the Nationality Rooms

Located within the University of Pittsburgh’s historic Cathedral of Learning (a sight worth seeing in its own right), the Nationality Rooms may seem like an unorthodox sightseeing destination. However, as we have established with Bicycle Heaven, these are the best types of sights to behold. The Nationality Rooms are a stunning collection of twenty-six functional classrooms, each representing a different part of Pittsburgh’s ethnic heritage. They are a gorgeous showcase of architecture and art celebrating the country they exemplify, and a must-see if you are staying in Pittsburgh.

View Pittsburgh from a Kayak

One of the best ways to get a taste for the Pittsburgh architecture is from a kayak, under a full moon. This tour starts from the northern part of the Roberto Clemente Bridge to Washington’s Landing, giving a two-hour exploration of the town’s bridges and towers.

Go Hot-Air Ballooning

Hot-air ballooning is a relaxing yet exhilarating experience, making it the perfect activity to treat your partner to. Float thousands of feet above ground and catch the most stunning view of Pennsylvania imaginable. With hot-air ballooning services such as Adventures Aloft, you can sip champagne with your sweetie while drifting over Amish Country, and it really doesn’t get any more incredible than that.

Duquesne Incline

The Duquesne Incline is a century-old cable car on a railroad, and the best part is that it’s set on a thirty-degree incline that gives you a spectacular view of the city. Your kayak tour and hot-air balloon ride are bound to be breath-taking, but you can’t beat this classic way to view downtown. The Duquesne Inline is a classic activity for visitors staying in Downtown Pittsburgh Hotels.

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