Young couple with bicycles in a vineyard

Although the city of Pittsburgh is easy to navigate by car thanks to its highway system, many people do not realize how easy Pittsburgh is to navigate on foot.

A network of parks and trails have made Pittsburgh a city that is worth visiting on your next vacation, as you can get out and enjoy the scenery with close proximity to Pittsburgh’s highways and neighborhoods.

Here are some areas to consider when selecting Pittsburgh as a place to visit for parks and trails.

Schenley Park

Located just to the east of downtown Pittsburgh, Schenley Park is a sprawling community space that includes 456 acres of attractions such as golf courses, ice skating rinks, places to play summer sports and lots of trails. Because there are a lot of trees surrounding the trails in Schenley, a secluded walk to get away from it all is not out of the question.

Highland Park and Highland Park Zoo

Highland is located along the Allegheny River northeast of downtown Pittsburgh and the triangle. Created in 1899 by the city of Pittsburgh, the park includes a famous reservoir and a walking path where you can take a stroll along the water. The babbling brook feature in the park is a nice way to explore running water without having to head to the Allegheny River for a walk. The park itself features the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, two well-known cultural institutions in the Pittsburgh area.

Frick Park

A park where steep valleys, wooded slopes and 250 acres of trees and foliage all meet in one easy to reach location, Frick was established in 1927 and recently expanded to include a housing development. Visitors have enjoyed 100 species of birds at the park, in addition to red clay tennis courts and lawn bowling. Pittsburgh’s lone public lawn bowling course can be found at Frick, which is located east of downtown Pittsburgh and directly east of Schenley Park.

Park Trails

Areas for walking can be found in such areas as Schenley, Highland and Frick. Endless trails wind through the developments, and you will never walk through the same path twice because there is so much room for exploration.

Point State Park

Pittsburgh visitors may not realize it, but at the tip of the Pittsburgh triangle a state park sits where you can enjoy fountains and walking trails. In addition, you get a dramatic view of the Pittsburgh skyline if you stand at the tip where the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together. Completed in 1974, the park includes 36 acres. It ranks as one of the smaller parks in the Pittsburgh system but it is one with the easiest access to downtown.

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