Going ‘green’ has never been more important. Every individual, business and organization in a city is encouraged to have as positive an impact on the environment as possible, in order to conserve precious resources and keep the Earth beautiful for years to come.

Many cities have done their fair share to contribute to this global movement, but none can compare to all that the city of Pittsburgh has done. Once heralded as the ‘Steel Capital of America,’ Pittsburgh has transformed itself to become a leader in the green community.

Throughout the city, a wide range of groups and companies have gotten involved. Everyone from Pittsburgh’s prized sports teams to its universities and hotels each do what they can to make Pittsburgh a better place to be.

The Pittsburgh Pirates

Many sports teams and their fans have joined the movement to make the U.S. a greener place, but the Pittsburgh Pirates may be leading the way. The team has taken serious steps towards creating a more sustainable environment for their fans and their community. In total, the Pirates have recycled millions of pounds of materials over the years while greatly improving the efficiency of their home field, PNC Park. In addition to their own efforts, the Pirates are constantly encouraging their fans to do the same by increasing public awareness of the importance of implementing greener practices.

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Water quality affects everyone who lives in or visits a city, and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has acknowledged this fact by creating a sustainable solution to managing storm runoff. Instead of allowing rainwater to enter the sewer system (resulting in the necessity to treat the water), the PWSA has devised a way to catch that water as it falls. This also prevents untreated sewage from making its way into the local rivers and streams.

PNC Headquarters

Buildings can be made greener, as well. As one of the largest banks in the U.S., PNC set out to lead by example. Their new headquarters in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh was designed with a glass covering to provide autonomous ventilation, and the building also features a smart chandelier and solar chimney. This impressive skyscraper has its own water treating and recycling system too. The building is projected to use over 75 percent less water and about 50 percent less energy than an average office building.

EcoInnovation District

What better way to improve the sustainability of a place than to create an ecologically sound district?  This is the concept behind the plan to develop the future EcoInnovation District in Oakland and Uptown. The plan includes details that will promote an ecologically solid infrastructure, while keeping the public involved in the effort as well. The project is expected to be developed throughout 2016 and into 2017.

The University of Pittsburgh – Greensburg

Local universities have a responsibility to reflect the concerns of the local people and their government. The University of Pittsburgh – Greensburg has demonstrated that it is doing its part in a variety of ways. The campus itself becomes greener all the time; it is home to a hiking trail, gorgeous woodlands and a lovely creek. Native greenery can be found throughout the campus, and the creek is carefully tended to maintain its quality (a fact that the local wildlife seems to appreciate).

In addition to being literally green, the University also participates in the movement to keep the Pittsburgh Metro area environmentally friendly. The entire campus community is strongly encouraged to recycle any material they can. Printer cartridges are regularly collected and recycled. Students are also invited to recycle items that they may no longer need at the end of the term, such as clothing, furniture, household items, and unopened food that is not perishable. Used shoes are collected at the school, and they are then donated to people in need across the world.

The DoubleTree by Hilton Pittsburgh Downtown

One of the top downtown Pittsburgh hotels has also joined the effort to make the city a sustainable place. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh Downtown does not use phosphate laundry chemicals at its facility, and its on-site restaurant composts its food waste. Appliances such as coffee makers and televisions are energy efficient, and various water conservation methods are employed. The hotel also recycles as much material as possible. In fact, the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown has made such enormous strides toward optimal sustainability that it has met the Green Seal™ Standard GS-33.

Pittsburgh becomes greener every year, which benefits everyone in the area. From universities to financial services companies to hotels in Pittsburgh, many local organizations and businesses seem eager to do their part. A truly sustainable city is ultimately more useful, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing to those who visit it or reside there. See for yourself all the ways Pittsburgh is leading the charge for a greener America by booking a stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Pittsburgh Downtown.