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The hotel industry continues to go through innovations with sustainability measures. Guests want to stay in hotels where they feel like they are reducing their carbon footprint. Downtown Pittsburgh hotels have been working on implementing new measures. Here are some of the different things hotels are doing to operate a sustainable hotel.

Changing Guest Engagement

New technologies have allowed for a variety of changes for hotels. Hotels can save a lot of money as there has been a shift in everything related to hotel operation. The way a hotel is cleaned is just one of the ways we are seeing changes in the reduction of a carbon footprint. Several of the cleaning products are all-natural to reduce the risk of serious problems. Another element with hotel accommodations is encouraging guests to help by reusing their towels and sheets for the duration of their stay instead of asking for cleaning professionals to take care of changing the sheets each day.

Healthier Habits

Many guests are looking forward to lifestyles of health and sustainability. Some of the things downtown Pittsburgh hotels can do is provide healthy eating choices. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are some of the popular choices to consider for local hotels. Not only can hotels provide help with delicious foods, they can assist by offering on-site fitness centers. The right exercise facilities are appreciated and used by travelers, and helps to make a difference in reviews of the hotel.


Pittsburgh reception areas can make a difference in helping the environment by reducing the amount of supplies used to serve people at a conference. Having a large amount of excess Styrofoam and plastics used can lead to excessive amounts of waste. Showing guests how the hotel focuses on preservation is a great way to attract the right audience to the hotel for conferences and conventions.

Green Program

Several downtown Pittsburgh hotels are creating green programs to get in touch with their customers. Take information requests from your visitors to find out what you can do differently to improve relationships with the tenants. The program offered by the hotel may not be in-line with what the customers are seeking. Not having the right program in place is a difficult issue with some tenants as the program you have created may not be close to what they are seeking.

The hotel industry is going through some major changes in 2015. We have already seen several hotel chains invest money into revamping the accommodations. Millennials are the new core customer base that expect more out of the hotel industry. Downtown Pittsburgh hotels have undergone major renovations to bring about a unique experience for everyone. The GenY travelers want a complete experience out of their hotel accommodations. Taking the right steps to move forward with sustainability will help to improve the overall customer experience and reduces the carbon footprint for the hotel and for the guests.

Earning both the Gold Level in TripAdvisor’s® GreenLeaders™ program and a Silver Green Seal Certification, the DoubleTree Downtown Pittsburgh is proud to take initiative and offer their guests a warm, inviting and environmental friendly atmosphere. The downtown Pittsburgh accommodations at the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Downtown focus on embracing modern technology to offer their guests a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that is not only good for them, but for the planet as well. Book your Downtown Pittsburgh accommodations today and let us create a comforting environment for your next trip.