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It is an exciting time moving your son or daughter to the school they will be attending for college. If they are moving out of state, you may decide to make it a family trip—and to spend a few days getting them settled into their dorm. While you are sure to select hotel accommodations in the same town your son or daughter will be going to college in—also keep the following factors in mind.

How Close Is Your Hotel To The Dorms And Campus?

When you go on vacation you may select your hotel more by price range, or by your desire to stay in the heart of the city you are traveling to. However, when you are planning hotel accommodations for a college move in, it is essential to consider the proximity to dorms and campus. If your son or daughter is moving to Pittsburgh, you may not want to battle the traffic of driving from one side of town to the other. While you may not be in walking distance, make sure that it will not be too much of a hassle to travel back and forth.

How Close Is Your Hotel To Shopping Areas You Will Need To Buy Dorm And School Supplies?

If you will be waiting to purchase furniture, room décor, or school supplies for your child’s dorm—take some time to research how far the stores you need to visit are from your hotel. Since a majority of your time may be spent getting these essentials, you may actually spend more time shopping than at the dorms or campus.

What Kind Of Transportation Will You Require While In Town?

Take some time to think about the transportation you will require when you get to town. For example, if you will be moving furniture ensure that the hotel you are staying in has a parking garage or parking area that can accommodate a moving truck. Also consider the general transportation challenges of the city you are traveling to such as traffic, parking, public transportation, availability of cabs—and inquire what type of shuttle transportation your hotel offers.

Book Your Room Sooner Rather Than Later

The beginning of the school year is a busy time for hotels near the college your student will be attending. For this reason make sure to book your hotel room sooner rather than later. Even if your exact travel dates are not yet confirmed, book more days than you require and adjust them as the date gets closer. Just make sure that you understand the hotel’s policy on canceling your reservation or adjusting your travel dates.

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