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If you have been chosen to plan a large class reunion, it is important to know where to start. There are a number of tasks you need to do before you start locating classmates and sending out invitations. Finding the right venue, hotel accommodations, and food are just a few of the things to consider. Use the following tips to help you plan a large reunion.

Initial Logistics

One of the important things you must do is find out approximately how many people will be attending the reunion, including classmates and partners. You should also get a tally for who will need hotel accommodations so you can arrange for a group rate. You should also collect money ahead of time for ticket sales so that you have a budget to arrange for the catering and venue bookings.

Find a Venue

Start looking at Pittsburg reunion halls to locate a place that will accommodate everyone. Finding a venue that is large enough can be challenging, so start early. Start comparing different venues that provide additional services including food, hotel accommodations, and so forth. Many hotels will provide Pittsburgh reunion accommodations that offer discounts and other deals for individuals expecting a large number of people. Catering is one of the most important things to consider as you are planning a large reunion. As you contact different hotels and venues, discuss the various options available for decorations and catering requirements. Some hotels offer their own food services, which means you will be coordinating with the hotel catering staff instead. It is important to talk to the staff about seating arrangements so your guests have a chance to eat and interact with one another.

Create a Theme

Create a theme for the reunion. You want to find a fun theme that other people will remember and be excited about. To help you come up with the right theme, consider having it reflect the traditions of the school. It may even be a good idea to poll your former classmates to get a better idea of the general consensus. When you have a list of your attending classmates ready, you can get ready to start sending out the invitations. It is important to list all the information on the invitation that the guests will expect. When will they need to pay for tickets to the event? How can they obtain a discount on hotels? Do they need to dress a certain way? Some planning committees will send out a single invitation that shows that basic information, and a detailed invitation a month or two before the reunion.

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